Those who do, trust blue.

Safe, durable and code compliant, ABB Installation Products’ Carlon non-metallic boxes and accessories have set the industry standard in power delivery for 40 years.

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Boxes: Designed by out-of-the-box thinking.

Carlon® Blue™ helping make homes green.

Our method of repurposing scrap plastic reduces landfill waste by 10 tons per month and our packaging innovations cut 110,000 pounds per year, earning a coveted Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) that ensures we are minimizing environmental impact.

Count on the full line of Carlon products.

Carlon® Blue™ fan-rated ceiling box​

Made in the U.S.A., backed by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and extensively tested, the NEW Carlon® Blue™ fan-rated ceiling box from ABB Installation Products helps keep your home cool and safe.

the rest.

Meets latest industry requirements rated for 50 lb. light fixture and 35 lb. ceiling fan

Vibration-proof screws through reinforced metal brackets for greater strength than plastic alone

Carlon® Deep Blue All-in-one box

Take the guesswork out of choosing the right electrical box. The Carlon® Deep Blue All-in-one box installs easily and its large capacity accommodates all kinds of switches, dimmers and devices for modern homes.

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Two sizes:

Largest single-gang at 24.5 cu. in.
Accepts wire fill/size: 
12/14, 11/12, 10/10

Largest double-gang at 48.2 cu. in.
Accepts wire fill/size: 
23/14, 20/12, 18/10

Low-voltage divider plate

Allows for power and data cables in the same Carlon® Deep Blue™ All-in-one double-gang box

If walls could talk, they’d ask for Carlon®.

Carlon® SuperBlue® Boxes

So strong they won’t crack or break in extreme environments. So rigid they resist flexing and hold their shape even in the most challenging applications. Designed to nest inside each other to take up less space on the shelf or in the truck, while still providing the largest wire fill capacity in their class.

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Carlon® Blue™ PVC Boxes

Straightforward installation, greater performance and reduced installation cost.

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Carlon® Adjust-A-Box® Boxes [HH121ADJ]

Saves labor time and costs. Adjustability for different wall thickness with the simple turn of a screw makes this a favorite of electrical installers everywhere.

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Trusted by professional contractors and DIYers alike for construction and improvement projects.

Extensively tested to meet code, UL listed with a minimum two-hour fire wall rating

Corrosion-resistant and non-conductive PVC construction

Simple and fast with installer-friendly features like knockouts, auto-clamps, screw guides, captive nails and more

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Designed with more than 40 years of experience. Tested to meet code and deliver safe, reliable power. Look for Carlon Blue electrical solutions at authorized retailers and distributors you can find below.


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