Driven by our commitment to our customers, we manufacture and ship our products right here in the United States to help keep your business and communities powered.

Join us as we build a brighter grid for tomorrow, together.

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ABB Hackettstown: Your connection to American ingenuity and quality.

With ABB, you’re wired into premier quality and protection equipment.

ABB Hackettstown ensures you are always connected with the products and solutions you need – from Elastimold™ solid electric switchgear and molded vacuum reclosers to Joslyn Hi-Voltage® capacitor switches.

Built and brought to you in the USA.

Grow confidence in your ability to provide reliable, resilient electric services to homes and businesses across America with the support of ABB Utility Products.

America’s top-of-the-line underground protection.

Pioneering the underground elbow connector, the Elastimold® brand is a leading innovator of cable accessories that enhance safety while helping to save time, space and money for utility companies. Shipped from the United States to protect your system from overvoltage conditions.


Shipped from the USA.

Rigid probe support to ensure proper switching and enhanced safety.

Optimized for switching operations to help reduce life cycle costs.

Hardwired with crew and customer safety in mind.

Created with the safety of utility crews and customers in mind, the Blackburn® Storm-Safe service entrance breakaway disconnect system can help make power line repairs faster and safer.


Simply replace the Blackburn Storm-Safe disconnects breakaway link and plug it in.

Lines come down de-energized avoiding safety hazards for the public and utility crews.

Lines come down at the pole preventing damage to customer premises and utility equipment.

Quick service restoration without running new lines or splicing.

America’s watertight solution.

The Homac® Flood-Seal Kit assists utility crews in the repair of broken cables that could be damaged during storms. Reliable, space-saving and waterproof underground cable splicing — installs quickly with no tape or shrinks.


Underground cable splicing, installs quickly without tape or shrinks.

Homac® Radiating Rib™ design of the RRK aluminum splice helps dissipate heat to allow connectors to be smaller.

The Homac® Flood-Seal™ rubber sleeve has its own rib to interlock with the aluminum splice connector inside, ensuring a waterproof connection.

Silicon grease factory applied inside Homac® Flood-Seal™ for easy installation.

HOMAC® Flood-Seal Radiating Rib™ Splice Kits

Ultimate small vault access.

The Elastimold® Small-vault switchgear improves safety by allowing utility crews to access the switchgear from outside the vault with an insulated fiberglass pole (hot stick).


Allows for manual operation from street level.

33% reduction in height and 14% reduction in width from standard switchgear.

Works with the industry-leading protection and automation controls.

Operates under 10 ft of water.

Built into the fabric of the American Utility Landscape.

Our 24/7 response service is just as dependable as our broad selection of in-stock storm restoration products — to give you peace of mind before or after the storm.

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ABB Installation Products: Coming to you from the US.

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